About Us


It's our mission to provide a space to express our love of music, art, entertainment, activism and apparel for you — a lover of the same.

Being based in Washington DC, we have a front-row seat to events that not only shape our beloved city, but also the world at large.

For one to live in such an environment and remain silent about what we witness on a daily basis—from the fantastic, to the tragic, and everything in between—would be impossible. So we won’t.

CrushingDC strives to give voice to the voiceless and have a little fun while learning something along the way.

CrushingDC believes in justice, equality, and spaces for creative expression and independent artistry.

CrushingDC believes in giving back to the community through partnerships with local activists and organizations and advocacy of both, respectively.

CrushingDC also loves a good time. We celebrate music, art, drinking, eating, dancing, entertainment and all the talented people that make it happen.

Welcome to our family. Welcome to CrushingDC.